Pipe and Equipment Insulation

For  hot or cold piping and equipment insulation, The Brevard Company is  your answer. We install pipe cover insulation with aluminum or stainless  steel jacketing, providing the best piping or equipment insulation  available.

  • Latest in pipe and equipment insulation technologies
  • Hot or cold applications
  • Petrochemical, refinery, power generation or cold food storage
  • Aluminum or stainless steel metal cketing
  • Professional, experienced crews and supervisors

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene  spray foam is an excellent choice for insulating structures. The  material has an excellent R-Value and provides superior airflow  restriction. Icynene does not emit dangerous fumes. It is flexible,  preventing leaks around fixtures, wiring, etc. It acts as an outstanding  moisture barrier and is recognized for its sound-deadening properties.  The Brevard Company Icynene spray foam crews are trained and certified  applicators, and we have a safety record second to none. 

  • Trained and certified installers
  • Air sealing characteristics provide consistent RV coverage throughout structure
  • Flexible, adherent and low permeability to air
  • Flexibility assures seal
  • Prevents moisture penetration and retention…material breathes to allow drying
  • Selected for use in the American Lung Association